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Flat Roofing in Caldicot, Raglan & Usk.

www.fibreglasswales.com are the experts of choice in South Wales when it comes to installing fibreglass flat roofing and carrying out fibreglass flat roof repairs.

We install flat roofing in Caldicot, Raglan, Usk, Bath, Bristol, Lydney and the Wye Valley.

We have the expert knowledge to install durable, long-lasting fibreglass flat roofing for your garage, balcony, dormer roof or extension roof. All our Flat Roofing Systems come with an insurance backed guarantee which will cover your roof installation for up to 20 years.

Grey Fibreglass Flat Roof with 2 lanterns/skylights.

So what is Fibreglass Roofing ?

Fibreglass was first developed in 1938 by Owens Corning in the USA. Originally it was intended for use in insulation, and nowdays it is used for a variety of different purposes such as boat building and for making car body panels .

The first Fibreglass Flat Roof in the UK was installed around 1978.

Fibreglass flat roofing can also be called GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) roofing, and it is extremely versatile as well as being hard-wearing, waterproof and maintenance free.

Fibreglass is perfect for use as a flat roofing material as it is very strong, can be made in a variety of different colours and can also have special finishes such as a non-slip surface.

How long will my new fibreglass flat roof last ?

A great deal of research and development has been carried out over the years and the studies have estimated that a fibreglass roof can last in excess of 40 years. This is backed up by the fact that many glass fibre laminates that were manufactured in the 1940's, are still in use today. Research has shown Fibreglass doesn't really deteriorate, in fact in the tests that have been carried out, the fibreglass laminate has remained in the same condition throughout. 

Your Flat Roof can be manufactured in a range of different colours, with something to suit everyone's needs. Simply call us to discuss your particular requirements.

A Fibreglass Flat Roof in Caldicot South Wales

The benefits of Fibreglass Flat Roofing

Importantly, there are a number of health and safety benefits to installing a Fibreglass Roof.

Fibreglass Roofing is 'cold-laid', this means that they do not require any type of heat treatment and can be laid without the use of a butane blow torch or any other heating aid.

Fibreglass Flat Roofing is very durable and 100% waterproof, and is far superior to many other materials that may have been traditionally used for flat roofing. When compleated the Fibreglass is one huge membrane, there are no seam joints or welds, along with the consequential splits, tears and maintenance.

Our Fibreglass Flat Roofing is entirely UV resistant.

Fibreglass easily allows for new features such as skylights or vents to be installed into balconies and a walkway on the roof area can even have sunken roof lighting.

Our Fibreglass Roofing is also formulated with special fire-retardant resins and topcoats.

Finally, the largest benefit of having a Fibreglass Roof installed is that it will remain leak-free for a very, very long time.

You can choose a smooth or textured finish, as well as choosing from a wide array of different colours.

We install our Flat Roofing and carry out our flat roofing repairs to the highest standard and have over 34 years experience using fibreglass on a day to day basis.

If you require Fibreglass Flat Roofing or a fibreglass flat roof repair in Caldicot, Raglan, Crickhowell, Lydney, Usk, Coleford, Bristol, Bath, Tetbury or surrounding areas contact www.fibreglasswales.com today. Please call 01633 223371 or complete our contact form to get a quotation.

Fibreglass pond in Chepstow
grp gutter lining Tintern
Balcony flat roof with railings Crickhowell

Is Fibreglass Roofing Better than Felt?

Usually, a fibreglass flat roof lasts far longer than felt, and even though they may be a little more expensive, they should be saving you money in the long run. Old fashioned felt roofs have joints and laps and if any size of ponding occurs on the roof  then lots of problems can evolve, such as the felt itself deteriorating and starting to rot, leading to leaks and water penetratrating your property. This will cause expensive repair bills and often replacements.

Fibreglass is much safer to install than felt with the far reduced fire risk. A fibreglass flat roof also normally comes with longer guarantees than felt, and they are much more durable, meaning they can withstand harsher weather conditions. Our Fibreglass flat roofing is highly recommended; however, if you would like some more advice, please contact us today.

What is the Cost of a Fibreglass Flat Roof?

The cost of a fibreglass flat roof will depend on the company you choose, and also the size of your roof, which is usually measured per square metre. Fibreglass roofing can be a bit more expensive; however, it lasts a long time, and you definitely get your money's worth. 

The average cost of our fibreglass flat roofing is from £85-£135 per square metre of your roof. If you would like a free quote, or to find out a more specific price, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us today, with no obligations.

We provide exceptional and professional services at competitive prices.

Fiberglass Flat Roofing & flat roof repairs in Caldicot, Raglan & Usk.

If you require Fibreglass Flat Roofing or flat roof repairs in Caldicot, Raglan, Usk, Bath, Bristol, Lydney or surrounding areas contact www.fibreglasswales.com today. Please call 01633 223371 or complete our contact form to get a quotation.